Beetroot and goat cheese panna cotta and nasturtium salad    St Davids Cathedral  Bhaji...check, bugs...check, burger (kind of)...check! Yep, all three, in one tasty meal... Went down a treat with our lucky diners... Back on now   Grub's first bug pie with a rich red wine sauce... Yum and perfect for these Autumn afternoons!  A lot of tasty cricket, chocolate and peanut butter cookies are ready for baking. Cardiff #pestaurant @rentokil_uk  Cellar beetle recording /handling.
 Our gourmet #bugburgers #delicious #sustainable #meatfree #protein, tastes as good as it looks.  #entomophagy feast night!  Ramsey Is  Our Bug Bourguignon! With sagos, crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms... Deeeee....lish!  Cheers to a great first day...  Alfie the pup admiring the artwork.  Creme caramel, sublime.
 #cricket crepes, #vegan maple salt caramel sauce and coconut milk ice cream. Apart from the crickets, a tasty, vegan dessert. Opens the discussion- "would vegans eat insects"? Depends on the reason for being vegan, insects are a very sustainable, extremely ethical and carry low footprint for healthy #protein  A frozen puddle!  Asparagus and goat cheese salad  Delicious toasted cumin mealworm tarka dahl... Perfectly balanced, with an unusually earthy and nutty flavour.  The finished cookies @rentokil_uk!  Posing with Sir Chris Boardman during this year's epic Tour of Pembrokeshire.