A frozen puddle!  Asparagus and goat cheese salad  Delicious toasted cumin mealworm tarka dahl... Perfectly balanced, with an unusually earthy and nutty flavour.  The finished cookies @rentokil_uk!  Posing with Sir Chris Boardman during this year's epic Tour of Pembrokeshire.  Mmm- Cricket, Nutella and peanut butter cookies! Tasty  Spring is sprung!
 St Davids Cathedral  Bhaji...check, bugs...check, burger (kind of)...check! Yep, all three, in one tasty meal... Went down a treat with our lucky diners... Back on now   Grub's first bug pie with a rich red wine sauce... Yum and perfect for these Autumn afternoons!  A lot of tasty cricket, chocolate and peanut butter cookies are ready for baking. Cardiff #pestaurant @rentokil_uk  Cellar beetle recording /handling.  Meeting a male sea lion up close and personal!...  Getting set up at Unearthed in a Field Festival 2014, looking forward to this year's festival immensely.
 Ramsey Is  Our Bug Bourguignon! With sagos, crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms... Deeeee....lish!  Cheers to a great first day...  Alfie the pup admiring the artwork.  Creme caramel, sublime.  Alfie, now adding pigeon poo (on the end of his nose) to his growing list of species of poo samples!