The Restaurant.

Grub’s innovative restaurant champions and promotes sustainable local produce as well as the practice of eating insects which is known as entomophagy. We aim to turn entomophagy from a novelty to normalcy integrating the many various types of edible insects with twists on our most popular and well-loved dishes. The restaurant building is an 18 century calf shed renovated with full mod-cons such as biomass fed, under floor heating, yet showing off the original features of the traditional Pembrokeshire farm building such as the original stone trough. The kitchen was actually an old pig sty, the pantry a converted water tank. Grub’s menu will be fully focused on entomophagy, giving people a full understanding of the nutritional benefits and positive environmental implications behind this novel and innovative new food. This will lead to high levels of customer engagement, with information freely available and discussion around entomophagy encouraged. Whilst edible insects will be centre-stage on the menu, other fantastic fare from in and around Pembrokeshire will be on offer, bringing together all of the ‘best-of’ dishes that Andy has developed from his time as a chef. These dishes will still encourage thought and an interactive element will be brought into the presentation of these meals.